"The Path to Health"

Physiotherapy plays a vital role in healing, pain relief and rehabilitation following fractures, surgery, muscle, tendon, ligament and joint injuries.

Treatment aims to correct and stimulate the bodies' own natual healing processes without the use of medication. Education and advice on how to manage the condition are fundamental to successful treatment.


Martin Cunningham
Martin is a professional musculoskeletal specialist dedicated to treating the individual, not just the injury. He works on Tuesdays and Thursday here at Back4health. With over 18 years experience specialising in the prevention, treatment and rehabilitation of musculoskeletal dysfunction & sports inj
Services / Treatments Length Price
Initial Physio Assessment 45 mins £40.00
Extended Initial Physio 60 mins £50.00
Standard Physio Follow Up 30 mins £35.00
Extended Physio Follow Up 45 mins £40.00
4x Standard Following Up Physio 30 mins £125.00
Sports Massage (30 mins) 30 mins £25.00
Sports Massage (45 mins) 45 mins £35.00
Dry Needling / Acupuncture 30 mins £30.00
Home Visits (30 mins) 30 mins £50.00
Home Visits (34 mins) 45 mins £80.00

To make an appointment with call 01384 671220, or contact us here.

Andrew Condon
Andy has worked in physiotherapy for over 13 years specialising in musculoskeletal conditions. He has a wide range of experience and makes use of exercise therapy, manual therapy and acupuncture to provide effective treatment. He has a special interest in strength training and running assessments.
Services / Treatments Length Price
initial physio assessment 45 mins £40.00
Extended initial physio assessment 60 mins £50.00
Standard Physio follow up 30 mins £35.00
Extended Physio follow up 45 mins £40.00
Sports Massage 45 mins £35.00
Acupuncture 30 mins £30.00
Personal Training 60 mins £35.00

Available appointment times:

8:00 AM to 4:00 PM